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Mission Statement

When Green School Bali opened its bamboo gates ten years ago, philanthropy and giving was at the heart of the mission of the school. Back then in 2008, there were less than 90 students, but providing scholarships and opportunities for the local Balinese community was central to this vision.

Twelve years on, philanthropy and giving helps us ensure we can continue to deliver our mission to more communities and create more sustainable impact and enriching learning experiences to make our world more sustainable. With your help, we can help continue this mission.

Our Founders

John and Cynthia Hardy, have long settled in Bali before their success together, though their paths did not initially meet. Sure enough the pair was destined for one another. In 1989, their joint passion in jewelry, and professional collaboration turned out to be magical, and impactful.  

From the beginning, John and Cynthia’s approach to a successful business was to do good, and being respectful to Bali’s land, its environment, its people and culture.
Inspired by the documentary, ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, John and Cynthia believed that the world needed to become more sustainable, and that it needed to start through education — thus Green School was born. 

In the process of realizing their vision of making a sustainable world through Green School, the love and respect they had for the island of Bali lead them to ensure that the school would become a bridge that connects the local and global communities, and nurture a generation of local changemakers.

Foundation Governance

Derek Montgomery

Derek Montgomery

Board of Trustees

Derek Montgomery and his wife, Lili, have been Green School Bali parents since 2011.

Derek served in various roles in the School since 2012 including as a Board member and a Trustee; and from June 2019 to August 2020 he served as the School’s interim Managing Director.

Derek is originally from the U.S.A. (South Florida) but a career in international development and international government affairs brought him to Southeast Asia in the late 1990’s and he has lived and worked in Indonesia since 2003.

Haifa Segeir

Haifa Segeir

Supervisory Board

20+ years of professional experience and organizational leadership experience across industries and disciplines including 15 continuous years in education industry.

Haifa is currently leading a network of more than 400 collaborative education unit (SPK, previously known as International School) across Indonesia (K-12) under Perkumpulan Sekolah SPK Indonesia as Chairperson. She is also sitting as the Executive Board member of New Zealand International School Foundation (one of SPK school) and Member of the Supervisory Board of the Green School Bali Foundation.

Haifa is actively involved in policy and regulatory discussion around education system in Indonesia with various authorities including Ministry of Education, National Accreditation Body and National Standard of Education Body.

Haifa is also the co-founder and Director of ASK Consulting, the only end-to-end consulting company specializing in education industry.

Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Kania Maniasa

Executive Director

Rembulan Kania Maniasa is a purpose-driven strategic communications and development professional. For four years, she has been leading  fundraising and partnerships efforts to support local integration programs and initiatives at Green School Bali. Currently, she serves as the Executive Director and President of the Green School Foundation, which comprises implementing local integration programs at a greater depth through scholarship programs  for young children.

Kania has a degree in Communications and Media Production from the George Mason University School of Arts and holds a minor in Online Journalism.

Kania’s personal aspiration is to make a positive impact for the future of Bali through providing unique educational opportunities to the Balinese youth.

Foundation Team

Rembulan Kania Maniasa


Executive Director
Rembulan Kania Maniasa


Development Manager
Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Gede Adi

Public Relations Manager
Ayunitha Sukma Dewi

Ayunitha Sukma

Executive Assistant
Chandra Maheswari


Shop Coordinator
Chandra Maheswari


Development Coordinator
Pubic Relations Admin

Ni Made

Pubic Relations Admin
LSP Student Advisor


LSP Student Advisor
Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Putu Eka

Sales Associate
Made Budiarta


Support Associate

Legal & Financial Information

The Green School Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Indonesia.


Green School Bali Inc. is recognized in the United States as a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations to Green School Bali, Inc. are considered tax-deductible to the full extent permitted by law. US Tax Exempt Donation Details are provided below.


Please notify our team at development@greenschool.foundation to receive an official receipt by email for your donation, or should you have any further questions. Thank you in advance for your generous support.