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Derek Montgomery


Meet Gede!

Gede Davidson is currently a high school freshmen who has an enormous passion for surfing. Frequently going to the open waters, Gede learns about the large waste problem that the island of Bali is facing.

To tackle this problem, he started the 'Final Straw' movement to supply local restaurants or 'warungs' (street merchants) by the beach with bamboo straws to replace any plastic straws. Gede started a stand to sell food and get donations to buy, and later distribute the bamboo straws. By the end of the 2019-2020 academic year, Gede managed to collect over 150kg worth of plastic straws.

Derek Montgomery


Wahyu, is currently sitting in Grade 11. He has been very passionate about art as well as painting since he was a kid. Wahyu admits to being someone who is not quite expressive; but, he feels that art, specifically graffiti art, gives him the freedom to express his thoughts and feelings in the form of art.

His interest and activeness in arts has allowed him to have his art piece to be selected and erected on a mural in one of Ubud’s busiest places.

Wahyu is soon to graduate and he knows that he would have to soon start his Green Stone (graduation capstone project). Starting ahead, he made his very own fundraiser to find the funds to start his project by selling his artwork.

In the future, Wahyu is really determined to pursue his dream to become an artist and enroll for the Institute of Art in Bali. Let’s support his project and help Wahyu achieve his dream.

Derek Montgomery


Tirta has been part of Green School since it first opened.  Fun experiences during her study inspire her to create a lot of projects. As a Hindu that uses incense everyday, Tirta created sustainable incense sticks from natural resources that do not use chemicals. Concerned for the health of people during ceremonies, she created an alternative that does pose a threat for the human lungs.

Tirta actually means water in Balinese. And it is no coincidence that she tried to raise awareness about the water crisis that’s happening in Bali by making an art piece. Through her art piece she hopes more people are aware of one of the biggest environmental threats that will affect people on the island in the near future if no action is taken any time soon.

Derek Montgomery


Ayu is a fellow Grade 11 student who is really passionate about environment and sustainability. She helped the initiative to set waste management sites at local schools in Bali, hoping to raise awareness on waste issues among the youth. Taking her passion to the next level, Ayu is taking part in a project that will help solve the problems of waste, and energy in Bali. This project aims to collect trash, and use it as an energy source that could potentially power the whole island.
Derek Montgomery


Dayitha, hopes that one day she will become an artist. Having attended Green School since she was 4, Dayitha is currently exploring Grade 1 and raising her curiosity with the surrounding environment.

At school, Dayitha loves to do activities that are related to art. One of her most favorite classes at school is making music. In her spare time, she enjoys singing and dance, following the rhythm of the music.

Derek Montgomery


Gede has been part of the Green School since 2017, and currently sits in Grade 4. He loves to sail on a big ship, and enjoys the crystal water views of Bali. He hopes to someday be able to venture across the oceans. 

In the months of June until August, Bali regularly experiences strong winds. These are great to fly kites. In preparation of this, Gede created a giant kite using palm leaves as his class project, and hopes to fly it with his friends and family later this year.

Derek Montgomery


Derek Montgomery


Derek Montgomery


Derek Montgomery


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