Local Community Outreach

Our local initiative does not stay within the borders of our bamboo campus, but extends out to the local community surrounding Green School

Kul Kul Connection

The Green School Foundation believes that connection is a key component to achieve sustainability. Our program bridges the existing Green School community members with our local community, and is empowering the youth to become agents of change from their own households and communities.

We cherish and celebrate our connection with the local community through the Trash for Class program that was first initiated by one of our community engagement programs, the Kul Kul Connection — a program that connects the international community of Green School with the local community of Sibang Kaja. Our endeavours nurture a united and harmonious community spirit, and creates a space for local community engagement in Green School’s learning and doing.

Green School welcomes more than 400 Balinese children to learn English at our jungle every day after school through this program. As an exchange each student brings 5 kg of recyclable trash from their surroundings. The curriculum combines CEFR for English as a second language learning and Green School’s curriculum on sustainability.


learning English for free

coming from


+2,000kg TRASH

collected each year

Hear What Our Former Students Have To Say

Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Gung Alit

“More than a place to learn English and Environmental studies, KKC is a place to create strong friendships, channel our creativity, and experience an ‘Experiential Learning’ method. Most importantly, KKC has helped me to build my public speaking skills.”


“KKC helped me to meet inspiring people, sharing innovative thoughts, collaborating ideas and taking action together.”

Prema Ananda

"With a passion in design, photography, and filmmaking, Prema is now pursuing his education in Indonesia Art Institute, majoring Television and Film Production. His focus is to combine art and climate change to make a difference."