Local Scholarship Program

The Local Scholarship Program is an initiative that provides opportunity for local children to receive an international standard education that is holistic, focuses on sustainability, and allows them to become changemakers in the world

Local Scholarship Program

The Local Scholarship Program has been providing scholarships to Balinese children at Green School since its gates first opened in 2008. It is one of our goals to empower our local community in Bali, through education. We welcome opportunities for them to learn in an open nature campus, with access to a holistic education. We believe our Local Scholarship Program is essential to achieving the mission to create a more sustainable world.

Our foundation seeks to provide local children who are excited and passionate about learning in a unique environment with sustainability as a focus. The nature-based campus at Green School is the center for innovation and creativity, where students are fully immersed and are learning in nature. We encourage our Balinese children to explore and to thrive with purpose. In the future our local scholars will empower their own local communities and become the changemakers in Bali, Indonesia, and the world.

Your support in the Local Scholarship program is more than just a donation. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Balinese children to experience an education that will nurture them individually, and as a whole. Guide to help the children develop real skills they need to solve some of the world's biggest problems.

Change a Life — Follow the Journey of a Student

Would you like to support the Balinese children, and follow the learning journey to become a special changemaker? With the blessing of our Local Scholar students and their families, you have the opportunity to support an individual child/children in our program. It is important to us that the relationship is positive and empowers both donor and student.

Donors are invited to connect and follow the student’s journey throughout their education, right through to being their special guest and witness their graduation at Green School.

Together, we can make a difference in the world, one child at a time.


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Our Alumni Stories

Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Teshalonika Krisanti

Growing up, Tessa had a passion for teaching arts, singing and sustainability. While at Green School Tessa was a local scholarship student and understood how learning a foriegn language can open up new worlds and possibilities. Upon graduation, Tessa along with her father built an organization and a school Kampoeng English, to offer English lessons to underprivileged children so they can access opportunities and follow their dreams.
Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Gede Witsen

Gede, a local Balinese scholarship student, graduated from Green School Bali as the class valedictorian and enrolled at the IE University to study International Relations. At only 20 years old, Gede is a member of the Board of Trustees at Green School Bali. He is passionate about Balinese art and has been invited to numerous international conferences to talk about performing art and conduct workshops.
Rembulan Kania Maniasa

Ira Warastri

Ira Warastri is one of our earliest Local Scholar graduates at Green School, and most recently one of the few Green School alumni graduating from college. Ira credits Green School for opening up doors for her to study internationally and securing a scholarship at Quest University in Vancouver, Canada. She took a major in music and earned her bachelors degree in May 2017. During her time in Vancouver, she took a position as Social Media Manager, and Retail Supervisor of a local music merchandising store

Join our Scholarship Program

We would love to get to know your passion, and help you make a difference. Applicant families are invited to share their expectations and final selections are based on alignment of expectations as well as academic and social and emotional assessment. We have a preference for families who live locally, within the villages surrounding the School but any Indonesian child is eligible to apply.

Green School looks for students with a curiosity for the surrounding world, who will flourish in our school environment. Ideal candidates show both academic and emotional intelligence, can demonstrate empathy, the potential for leadership and, most importantly, are eager to learn.