Youth Activism

Student Empowerment

We encourage our Balinese scholars to be changemakers and grab the world's problems by the horns, and face them head on. Not only are they learning about the problems and becoming part of the solution; but they take the stage and use their voice to raise awareness at a local, national, and global, scale. 

The student activists is a way to empower the youth and  to contribute to positive change on issues by heightening the urgency to take action — now. 

Supporting our youth activism movement gives the opportunity for our local changemakers to travel and participate in global conversations, in order to open the eyes of the world and become the voices of Bali, their home, and their future. Your help will pave a path for them to become the true changemakers they desire.


per year


visited by our students


attended, locally & globally

Our Students Aim To Raise Awareness On


Marine Pollution

Renewable Energy

Social Justice


Indigenous Culture